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Should we be afraid of fat?

Fat often has a bad reputation. Yet dietary fats would play an essential role in our Organization. It reigns however some confusion fuelled by popular beliefs. We no longer really know what is good or bad for...

Qwant Junior: The Google of children

  The use of the Internet by children is often a sign of concern for parents. It is very difficult to constantly check what children are doing on cell phones, tablets or computers. It is often via the engines of...


MAPAQ Certification

MAPAQ Certification in hygiene and food safety

Founders Graduates in Hotel Management

CPR/DEA Care Certification

CPR/DEA Certification for child care Of the Canadian Red Cross

My time, my family

The home cooking service is full - Due to a high demand for our home cooking service, we can no longer accept new families. Recruitment of new employees is underway... We invite you to sign up for the waiting list. Sign up waiting list
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