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Holiday season: Where to find your log?    Montreal is one of the Canadian cities where the most pastries are found! However not all places are worth... Here is our list of pastries or find the best festive logs!  - PATRICE . . .

A look at Industrial foods

A look at industrial food industrialization has been a place of choice in our plates for several years. It is increasingly difficult to select healthy and nutritious products in the supermarket. Labels illegible, false...

Sulphites, Aluminum sulphate... Look at food additives

It is an observation: it is increasingly complex to eat healthily. Industrial food is ubiquitous in our everyday life, sometimes without even realizing it. which says "industrial", says potential presence of food additives. their functions...


MAPAQ Certification

MAPAQ Certification in hygiene and food safety

Founders have graduated in Hospitality Management

CPR/DEA Care Certification

CPR/DEA Certification for child care of the Canadian Red Cross

My time, my family